Travel Theme: Horizons


Travel Theme: Horizons

A place, a landscape, a picture has many different tales to tell! I love the view from Kamari Beach, in Kos, across the Bay of Kefalos to the volcanic island, Nisyros. It’s a magical sight upon the horizon filled with myth and mystery. A view that has inspired this poem.

Upon The Horizon

The sun sets unseen
Dipping the eastern horizon
Into hues born of inks and oil
A short-lived canvas
A new artwork each night
Painted fresh before
The viewers’ eyes
Hear the ancient myths
Cry softly from the mist
Where upon the boundary
Of sea and sky
Rests the rock
Once hurled tumultuously
By the hand of Poseidon
To fell foul giants
That grumble still
Beneath the mountain
Spitting fury through
Volcanic vents and fumaroles
Tread softly lest
They awaken and arise
Wreathed in flame
And sulphurous smoke
The old gods watch
Through cats eyes
Sentinels of the streets
Wise and whiskered they wait
For the tremors of discontent
To raise alarm and call
Upon their ancient cohorts
Willing the master of waters
To rise with the waves
And rain down upon
The giant’s wrath
To quench his thirsts
For revenge and ruin
But not tonight for
All is calm and quiet
As night descends
Leaving naught but
Shadows and stars
At the very limit
Of our vision

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