Travel Theme: Merchandise 1


Travel Theme: Merchandise 1

Every year the Surrey Sculpture Society puts on a fantastic exhibition in the grounds of RHS Wisley Gardens. All the sculptures on display are for sale. I just love seeing these pieces of art set against the garden backdrop! The placement of the sculptures often brings an extra dimension to the artworks, adding a storyline not just to the art but also to the landscaping surrounding them. If I were a sculptor I couldn’t think of a better way to display my work! Here is a gallery of just a few of the pieces that I’ve seen so far in this years exhibition.


20 comments on “Travel Theme: Merchandise 1

    • Yes, of all the ones I’ve seen so far this year that’s the one that has really captured my imagination πŸ™‚ It has such beautiful shaping but the leaf details and colour tones really make it special! I love the setting too, with the arms echoing the reaching tree branches.

  1. The leaf dancer and the crouching nude are beautiful. I’d have either of them on my garden, but the animals are a bit too cutesy for me. And the hooded man reminds me of this:
    I love looking at sculpture in a garden setting, it’s a good job I have you to keep me up to date with Wisley πŸ™‚

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