Weekly Photo Challenge: Merchandise – Fairtrade

Faitrade at 20 in Woking

Woking Fairtrade team members, Becca Rowland, Margot Craig & Billie Anderson

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merchandise – Fairtrade

Last weekend the annual Food Festival was held in Woking Town Centre, providing the perfect backdrop to the local celebrations for Fairtrade at 20! One of my photos of the Fairtrade Big Banana Split taken during Fairtrade Fortnight this year was on display as a part of an exhibition held in WWF’s Living Planet Centre. It was also my pleasure to volunteer a small amount of my time to take some photographs for the Woking Team to use in the local press.

Do you know about the Fairtrade Foundation?

Who we are?

Fairtrade is a global movement with a strong and active presence in the UK, represented by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Fairtrade is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade deliver for farmers and workers. The international Fairtrade system represents the world’s largest and most recognised fair trade system.

We are a global organisation working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers.

Becca Rowland, Chair of Woking Fairtrade Action Network writes:

Woking Fairtrade celebrated 20 years of the Fairtrade MARK in the UK last Saturday with a photographic exhibition, food stalls and cake. The celebrations formed part of the Woking Food Festival which, for the first time, included a Fairtrade and Family Quarter centred on The Lightbox and WWF’s Living Planet Centre.

Called “Fairtrade at 20: The Power of You”, the exhibition consisted of images of farmers and producers, campaigners and consumers, and illustrated the history of the Fairtrade movement. The exhibition had been commissioned by the Fairtrade Foundation to draw attention to what has been achieved in the UK so that over 20 years Fairtrade has become mainstream. Worldwide Fairtrade is now the world’s leading ethical label and Fairtrade International reported this month that sales of Fairtrade certified products reached US$7.3 billion worldwide in 2013.

People visiting the Food Festival enjoyed the stalls in The Lightbox as well as the photo exhibition at WWF. The support in Woking is an indicator of just how much support there is for Fairtrade nationally. Fairtrade is such an easy way for people to make the world a fairer place and we’ll keep promoting it until all farmers are able to get a fair price for their hard work.

I’m so used to the Fairtrade MARK and purchasing products with this official stamp of approval, that I could hardly believe it had only existed for twenty years! Our local Waitrose Supermarket has many such products that we buy on a regular basis. Have a look for items like these pictured below in your local shops.

Fairtrade Produce

The Food Festival was hugely popular again this year and another local group, The Phoenix Cultural Centre, that I volunteer my photographic skills for, when possible, was on hand to provide music for the masses. It was a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of these fantastic community projects!

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