Blue Monday: Stained-Glass Sculpture

Soldier Of Fortune - detail

Blue Monday: Stained-Glass Sculpture

Another piece this week from the RHS Wisley Gardens sculpture trail, featuring works by members of The Surrey Sculpture Society. My photos today are all details from a steel and stained glass piece entitled Soldier Of Fortune by Joe Szabo. I really like the details in this piece and they way it worked with its’ surroundings! The earthy tones from the rusted mild-steel echoed the early autumnal tones in the woodland whilst the piece rose and branched at the top, with rich tones of blue in the glass matching the clear skies seen through the tree-tops. This “soldier” was most certainly fortunate to find itself in the peace of the Wild Woods πŸ™‚

22 comments on “Blue Monday: Stained-Glass Sculpture

  1. Hi Sarah, I’ve just come across your photo and thoughts about my piece “Soldier of Fortune”. Lovely photos, thank you. It was nice to read the comments, too. Thanks for including the link to my website.

    • Thanks Joe and my pleasure πŸ™‚ I always try to give links whenever I share photographs of another artists work. I love going to the Sculpture Trail at RHS Wisley every year! I don’t know how much input you guys get into where your pieces are displayed but Soldier of Fortune really came alive in the woodland πŸ™‚

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