Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Kos Town

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

When this week’s challenge came up I realised that I don’t really do a lot of outdoor, night-time photography unless it involves the moon! I think I will try to use the coming months to add some interesting night scenes to my portfolio. With London only a short train ride away it’s almost unbelievable that I haven’t photographed the city at night before!

The photos I’m sharing with you today are all from the Greek Island, Kos. Kos Town is full of wonderful structures that allude to the history of Turkish rule as well as the fortifications from the Knights of St John. I love the strong brickwork alongside the intricate detailing of the minaret on the Muslim Shrine Ntefterntar, which is lit so beautifully at night and complimented by the crescent moon.

All my images today have been edited using Lightroom and Nik Software to add some extra atmosphere. My last image is of Kastri Island in The Gulf of Kefalos, created using four stacked exposures and a bit of light leakage. This is the beautiful island where Simon and I will be getting married next year and if you look closely you can see the lit chapel of Agios Nikolaos, in front of which our ceremony will take place. Perfection!

Kastri Isalnd at Night

24 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

  1. Wonderful night shots. I love that pink/purple one! Your wedding island looks like it is out of a fairytale! Hope you have chosen a date to coincide with a BIG moon πŸ™‚

  2. Stunning nighttime shots, Sarah! Especially like the first one and the purple sky; the compositions and lighting are great. The last one is a remarkable photo!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Love that little sliver of moon, and the tiny lighted chapel in the distance. Congratulations on your impending nuptials, too! It’s all lovely.

    • Thanks Connie πŸ™‚ I used my Tamron 75-300mm at 300mm to shoot the moon! Always on a tripod and using a remote or the timer setting to reduce shake. I now have a Sigma 50-500mm so I don’t have to crop the images quite so much. I’d really love to be able to photograph through a telescope!

      • Thanks for the details! I have the Tamron 18-270, but can never get such beautiful detail, even on a tripod! I’ll just have to swoon over yours πŸ™‚ And the Sigma sounds like it’s gonna be amazing to work with that zoom factor! Thanks again, Sarah!

      • The Sigma is great but it’s a big, heavy lens so I only take it out when I’m really going to need it! Do you take your moon images in RAW? I find it best to get an underexposed, darker image to get the most detail. I convert the RAW image to increase the detail and structure and then I use Lightroom and Nik Software to refine the image, getting rid of noise and any fringing then increasing clarity and structure further.

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