NaBloPoMo – Meeting Place


This is the clock face that is suspended at the centre of Waterloo Station in London. Meeting up under the clock is a traditional way to start a day or night out in the city. Even though the station has gone through many developments and modernisation, with digital displays giving accurate times to all travellers, this magnificent timepiece remains.

13 comments on “NaBloPoMo – Meeting Place

  1. Great image! The retro border is a nice touch. We passed through that station in mid-June and it was killing me that we had no time to tarry; we needed to get to Paddington Station to catch another train. But this is a really nice treatment of that historic clock.

    • Even living so close to London, I don’t often get much time in the station itself! This particular day we actually just missed a train home so mum and I had time for a cuppa at a new coffee shop on the upper gallery πŸ™‚ I really enjoy playing with the various filters, effects and image borders on the Google Photos app on the phone! Thanks Robin πŸ™‚

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