One Four Challenge: January Week 3

One Four Challenge - January Week 3

One Four Challenge: January Week 3

It’s the third week of this month’s One Four Challenge, from Robin Gosby at Captivate Me, and I’ve used another combination of processing software to produce something completely different! I don’t expect anyone to try counting them, but there are twenty-four versions of my original dahlia in this composition.

Here’s the list of the processes I took and a gallery of the images.

Photoshop CC
Polygonal Lasso Tool
Select main flower head
Refine edge – feather, smooth and reduce size

Delete Background layer
Apply BW Filters: Yellow, Neutral Density, Maximum Black, Infrared, Blue, Red Filter

Create an invert of all BW versions

Add Black Fill Layer To Background

Copy and paste all versions of the BW Flower
Resize, rotate, and arrange
Duplicate selected layers to completely fill the image
Blend with a combination of Luminance, Overlay, Hard Light and Difference
Use Soft Eraser at Low Opacity to gently soften petal edges and details
Merge Visible
Flatten Image

Greater Than Gatsby
Lighthouse at 15%
Stillwater at 25%
Clean Drama at 25%
Soft Cool Burst 20% bottom right

Import with GTG Muted Edit Preset
Drop Clarity -10
Vignette +10

Nik Software
Colour Efex Pro 2
Tonal Contrast
Detail Extractor
Pro Contrast
Glamour Glow
Graduated ND

Export to Lightroom
Noise Reduction
Split Toning mauve highlights

52 comments on “One Four Challenge: January Week 3

  1. Oh wow Sarah, such a beautiful result this week – thanks for the details on all you did. I love it!
    The translucency, light and tones are stunning!

  2. Exquisite, Sarah! You’ve outdone yourself on the processing. I love the whole image, also the translucent quality of the petals. Yes, dahlias are great subjects!

  3. Sarah thats a lot of work but with an outcome like that its worth it, took me a while looking at it to realise you had played with layers and opacity but not til I read your text did I realise how much.

    It gave you a delicate elegant image only enhanced by the subtle touch in the monochrome process. Fab job!

    • I think there’s such a rich history of flowers in art that we have so much inspiration to draw upon! Generations of writers have been similarly inspired. There’s something about the finite beauty of a delicate bloom that captures and expresses such a range of emotions! Thanks you so much 🙂

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