One Four Challenge: February Week 2

One Four Challenge: February Week 2

One Four Challenge: February Week 2

For the second week of February’s One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me, I wanted to create an effect that resembles charcoal and watercolour. I really enjoyed using that mix of mediums when doing life studies, often on textured pastel paper. It was a fast and free technique that gave a lovely flow to lines and created extra depth to shadowed areas. Rubbing in some chalk to the still wet paper would bring out the highlights and complete the sketch.

Photoshop CC
Cleanup Background
Invert with Difference Blending
Increase Brightness and Contrast
Reduce Noise 100%
Make 3 new Copy Layers
Copy Layer 1 apply Poster Edges
Darker Colour Blending 50%
Copy Layer 2 apply Dry Brush
Normal Blending 55%
Copy Layer 3 apply Diffuse Glow
Normal Blending 30%
Add B&W Texture Layer
Create Layer Mask
Soft Black Brush Low Opacity gradually remove texture from figure
Merge Visible
GTG – Painterly Soft with Multiply Blending 50%
Adjust Levels
Use Soft White Low Opacity Brush to enhance highlights and lift unwanted shadow
Increase Brightness
Decrease Contrast
Add Warming Photo Filter
Use Blur and Smudge tools to accentuate “brush” strokes

37 comments on “One Four Challenge: February Week 2

  1. Love the delicate details especially in her hair and the tattoo on her arm. I didn’t notice the tattoo in your previous edit. I can see the effect you are going for so well. Beautiful.

  2. Lovely shadows and highlights here. Luminous porcelain. Really strong lines – lips, eyes, fingers. I really like this effect. You are very beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Jude! I was quite skinny when I took these photos, from my Crohn’s. Today I carry a bit more weight thanks to the drugs for the Crohn’s! Simon still thinks I’m beautiful which is what matters most πŸ™‚ I love that phrase “luminous porcelain”! According to my mum, I was such a tiny and perfect baby that some people thought she was pushing a porcelain doll around in the pram until I moved πŸ˜‰

  3. I just love what you have done this week. Stunning work. Yes I used to love working with those mediums while at school. Now it is fun to try and replicate it with editing. Just stunning work.

  4. Charcoal, watercolour and ink too. Love this mix also!
    This week is a nice representation of these mediums and I really like the depth in the shadows. Lovely!

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