Event 19: Wisley with Sarah and her family

I don’t often reblog, but I absolutely had to share Rachel’s 40 at 40 post with you all! Rachel has been like a sister to me for more than half our lives. We first met at college when we were 16. I sat down next to Rachel in her first French AS class and proceeded to tell her her life story 😉 No, I’m not psychic but I certainly freaked Rach out! I had inside information from a neighbour of mine who knew Rachel’s mum. Te he 🙂

Rachel is my Maid of Honour although due to her falling pregnant at almost the same time that Simon and I got engaged and set the date for our Wedding, she won’t be able to be physically by my side on the day. I will be missing her heaps but she’s always been with me and seen me through good times and bad, no matter where in the world she’s been at the time!

At 8 months pregnant she drove all the way to Surrey from Manchester to bring all my girlfriends and family together for a truly brilliant hen party! Then we got up early the following day and went to Wisley, cos that’s what we do, and it’s the perfect place for a 40th Birthday celebration 🙂 Rachel has been blogging all of her 40 celebrations for her 40th Birthday and I’m honoured to be a part of it! Rachel writes brilliantly, with humour and openness. I laughed a lot when I read about our day out! I hope it will make you chuckle too 🙂

Forty at Forty

I began Event 19 by waking up in a hotel room with someone I don’t know very well.

This isn’t as salacious as it sounds, more’s the pity. The night before was Sarah’s hen do, which I organised, at her request (I can’t make the wedding so it’s the least I could do!). We had a lovely evening and I stayed in the Woking Holiday Inn with Sarah’s friend Nikki, as it was a bit far to drive home to Manchester!

We decided that as I was in Surrey for the weekend, and we were less than a month from Sarah’s birthday as well, that we would make the most of it and visit Wisley RHS Gardens on the Sunday. I was glad Nikki was able to join us, but it was a shame our kids weren’t available (she has 2). Sarah’s sister Helen couldn’t come either, but at least…

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