Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Graceful With A Hint Of Orange


Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Graceful With A Hint Of Orange

I have always loved seeing the black swans at Claremont Gardens. I was sad to discover that the male is on his own now as his mate recently passed away. He certainly seemed forlorn on his own. I hope that the National Trust are able to find another mate for him! I knew swans would be a popular choice for the Travel Theme, Graceful. They really are grace personified! The beautiful black swan also has a deep orange bill that I thought would combine the challenges perfectly.

I have also created a tinted B&W for Day 2 of the Black and White Challenge that Amy set me.

Graceful - B&WYou’ll also see in the gallery that my mum has very orange (ginger) hair! I sometimes refer to her as the “goose whisperer” as she always has food for them and they follow her everywhere!

44 comments on “Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Graceful With A Hint Of Orange

      • I have only been to Claremont once despite it being very close to where my daughter lives. I wasn’t that struck with it, but it was a dismal day in autumn. I did see the swan though πŸ™‚

      • It currently makes me think about the bench theme you’re doing!! Those wonderful benches with the quotes are dotted about all across the gardens πŸ™‚ It’s not a place for flowers and horticulture, it’s more about the greater landscape of the place. The trees there are absolutely fantastic! It’s often very good for all kinds of birds and I do find it relaxing. Wisley tugs on my heart strings far more but I do want to make an effort to get out to more of our local gardens and national trust places this year πŸ™‚

      • Have you ever been to Loseley Park nr Guildford? It has a Walled Garden, based on a design by Gertrude Jekyll, my favourite garden designer and yet I have never been there! Definitely on my list for my next visit south.

      • Well as you know the header quote is from one of those benches, but I can;t find out what ‘pineapples’ he means!! Do you know? πŸ˜€

  1. I love the top image here, Sarah. Its got an almost surreal feel to it, especially with the overall green-ness, and those blue highlights in the water. And the swan appears to me to be bowing his head towards the very bright light at upper left – this has an almost religious feel. Adrian

    • You’re not the only one who has mentioned the surreal and I really did want to add to the dreamlike quality of the scene! I added the light quite intentionally as a brighter future for the lonely swan. I hadn’t even thought about a religious aspect but, yes, there’s almost a reverence to his pose that adds a spiritual context to the story. Thanks Adrian πŸ™‚

      • Ah, yes we have thousands of white swans! Black swans, however, aren’t native to the UK. Swans are protected here and often said to be property of The Queen, although I think that only actually applies to those on the Thames and in the Royal Parks. Every year a count of the swans on the Thames is made that is quite a famous tradition called swan-upping πŸ™‚

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