Black And White Challenge: Day 5 – Crafty Corvid


Black And White Challenge: Day 5 – Crafty Corvid

Have you ever been called a “birdbrain”? Well, it may not be that derogatory anymore! Recent evidence has revealed that corvids (members of the crow family) are amongst the most intelligent species on Earth, beside humans and the Great Apes. The posses imagination that allows then to use and even create specific tools. They can solve complex problems of many stages. They are highly sociable and monogamous. Their brain-to-body-size ratio is only slightly smaller than that of a human! This jackdaw at Claremont Gardens was watching us feeding the squabbling geese, ducks and gulls by the lake before carefully choosing his moment to come down for a share of the bounty. Thanks, Amy, for setting me the 5 Day B&W Challenge!

29 comments on “Black And White Challenge: Day 5 – Crafty Corvid

    • Thanks Jet πŸ™‚ Some of the documentaries I’ve watched about recent findings have astounded me! To see a crow make a specific tool and then teach others how to make it is extraordinary, perhaps evolution will turn the way of the birds when our time is up!

  1. We have a lot of jackdaws here, I quite like their cry, much nicer than the crow or raven. Great photo Sarah, you have captured those intelligent eyes so well.

  2. Oh yes, corvids, they are certainly bright; how I would love one as a pet – perched on my shoulder and jabbering in my ear would be just right! And I very much like this picture, Sarah – its an absolutely super portrait, the eye contact is wonderful >>> but those thick bare branches lift this hugely – both in terms of the one that bisects the frame diagonally, and of the way the two of them frame the subject – really excellent photography, my friend! Adrian

    • Thank you so much Adrian!! I was trying to find the perfect setting with one of them all afternoon. I had some nice shots of them on the ground and a few in other trees, but they didn’t quite portray the personality of the curious jackdaw as this one did πŸ™‚

  3. What a special bird! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I really have enjoyed your B&W series. Thank you so much for participating, Sarah. πŸ™‚

    • My pleasure Amy πŸ™‚ Thanks for challenging me! I’m glad I decided to do all birds for it. It was good to go out looking specifically for scenarios for B&W conversion! Really gets you thinking about light and shadow. People don’t photograph crows much, they’re very successful birds, so very common! I really like getting to show and share images of lesser pictured wildlife πŸ™‚

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