25 comments on “Blue Monday: Soft Centered

    • Thanks Leanne πŸ™‚ So sorry I haven’t put forward any monochrome images for a while! To be honest with you I really am struggling with my fatigue at the moment. I was so much better out in Greece!! I feel like I’m still finding my way back into WordPress. It’s tiring working on the computer so most of my energy has been going into processing! I’ll muddle my way through this blip and hopefully the energy fairy will pay me a visit soon. Hope you’re well? I will be in touch soon πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Steve πŸ™‚ Softening the image really worked I think. I just wanted to focus on the shapes and colour. The flowers have such strength to them you can really drop the details down and simplify the piece without losing the essence of the lily itself. I’m really hoping to catch the giant lilies flowering!

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