Photos We Loved: “Change”

Really thrilled to have my Lunar Eclipse Sequence chosen by Cheri, at WordPress, to feature in the Photos We Loved post this week 🙂 There are some great interpretations on last week’s WPC theme Change, so do have a look at them all! My personal favourites have to be Pete’s Clock and Dennis’ Park Scene Through The Seasons!

The Daily Post

Last week, we enjoyed sifting through your submissions for Kristin Snow’s “Change” photo challenge. From volatile skies to the juxtaposition of old and new, here are our favorite interpretations of the theme:

2812 Photography

Freelance photographer Pete Rosos at 2812 Photography set up his camera to take multiple shots of a clock at one-second intervals. He then combined the images in Photoshop to create this fantastic image commenting on our perception of time.

Taking One Day at a Time

Sarah Longes at Taking One Day at a Time stayed out through a misty night with her husband to capture this eclipse sequence of the super blood moon, in the North Downs, south of London, England. She captured about 90 images, all processed in Adobe RAW converter, then moved them into Photoshop to create the spiral sequence, which she designed after the Fibonacci spiral.

View From a French Hillside

view from a french hillside

It struck me as I clicked away…

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14 comments on “Photos We Loved: “Change”

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 It was a wonderful thing to share with a loved one anyway! He’s very proud of me and my work 🙂 It’s wonderful to get the image shared further in the Daily Post! The whole point of creating a piece of art is to have people see it 😀

  1. My heartiest congratulations to you Sarah — I found your eclipse images fascinating at the time of the post, and I really like both the other features you shared here too. Great job! 🙂

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