19 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: The Red Balloon

  1. We recently had our Hot Air Balloon Festival here so this photo made me think of that again. This is such a pretty shot. That red balloon really stands out and what gorgeous countryside.

    • Thanks Ida 🙂 Glad to bring back memories for you! I think there’s a Balloon Festival still held in the Bath/Bristol area of the UK but none in my area. I would love to watch one! I’ve seen photos of them here on WordPress and sometimes get to see one on the TV but I don’t think anything could compare to actually being there to watch them all take to the skies 🙂

  2. Yes there’s still a large annual balloon festival held here in Bristol but, like all of them I suppose, its heavily dependent on good weather. I used to ferry tourists to balloons in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve – I was offered a trip myself once but chose instead to pursue a rare bird that had just been spotted – I missed it! – such were my priorities in those days! A

    • My parents were once given a voucher gift for a balloon flight and whenever they went to the centre it would be cancelled for bad weather!!! I’d love to come and see that festival sometime Adrian 🙂 I would have been utterly torn in Kenya, I get extremely excited about birds that I haven’t seen/photographed before but then the draw of some amazing aerial photography……. OMG no, I couldn’t have chosen, it would have just reduced me to a quivering wreck of indecision!!!

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