36 comments on “Silent Sunday

    • It was a comment from Dina that brought me back to my photos of Attingham 🙂 This is a photoshop stitched panorama. I really liked the view leading up from the driveway! Hoping to visit the house inside after Christmas when we’re up that way. Maybe the very end of December!

    • Thanks Andy! This is Attingham Park in Shropshire 🙂 It’s a fantastic NT house and landscaped parkland! Worth a visit if you’re down that way. Loving your blog too! It’s been too many years since I was last up in Scotland. My Aunt lives in the Ochills but with so many other family commitments around the UK we don’t really ever get the time to visit. It’s such a beautiful part of the world too!

      • Thank you for all the ‘likes’ Sarah, it’s really appreciated, I’m happy you are enjoying the blog 🙂 And thank you for the information, I’ve only ever driven through Shropshire, I’ve often thought about stopping, maybe now I will 🙂 The Ochils are beautiful, as are so many places, not just in Scotland. We should get down to Cornwall more often to visit my parents, but there never seems to be the time, so they end up coming up here 😦

      • Time is certainly fleeting!! I have quite a few posts from Shropshire if you search the tags. It’s a wonderful county 🙂 We often pop over the border into Wales too. I do love the West Country too! I have family in Devon and Somerset. Day trip there on Friday 😀

    • Thanks Cybele 🙂 I put a lot of work into this one, including studying the house from many angles! This is Attingham Park in Shropshire, not too far from Hey Jude. My mother in law lives up that way so we try to visit a few times a year. Heather is very much an outdoor person too with a keen interest in history so we love going out to these places together 🙂 It’s great that we have common interests!

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