Every Day Is Different: Day 4

Hazel O'Connor

Every Day Is Different: Day 4

Every Day Is Different

Today didn’t start very well but it certainly ended on a high note! I was up less little more than an hour before having to take myself straight back to bed. I remembered to set an an alarm as I had an important date to make this evening! Having got up for the second time, I threw on some clothes, fed the cats and rushed off to get the train up to London to meet Simon and our friend Julia. Our destination was the beautiful Union Chapel venue in Islington for a 35th Anniversary screening of the film Breaking Glass.

Hazel and her band receiving applause

This was followed by a Q&A with Hazel O’Connor, a performance with her band, Sarah Fisher and Clare Hirst, who were then joined by a full choir in front of an audience that really was packed to the rafters! I was able to copy a couple of images from my camera onto my phone to process on the train returning home. The rest of my photos today were taken on the phone, including a lovely one of me and Simon that Julia kindly took for us! Lots of interesting purples for #PurpleFriday including Heather’s dress πŸ™‚

12 comments on “Every Day Is Different: Day 4

  1. Great photo of you and Simon, Sarah, and it looks like you had an amazing evening! I can’t believe it’s 35 years since ‘Breaking Glass’, it seems like only a yesterday I was buying the ’45 to play on my record player!! Lol! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, I was a bit too young to see it when it first came out but when you grow up surrounded by musicians and artists that film is a firm favourite for so many! Some of the political issues may be different but the consequences are still so familiar and nothing much has changed for young musicians struggling to get heard but keep hold of their integrity at the same time!! The Q&A with Hazel was fascinating. I hadn’t realised how screwed over she got herself by a record label. She sung the most beautiful song with her band called I Give You My Sunshine. Worth listening to that one!!

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