An Ode To Bowie: Just Like That Bluebird

Bluebirds Flying Free

Bluebirds Flying Free

An Ode To Bowie: Just Like That Bluebird

My own words cannot presume to match the genius of David Bowie’s lyrics. This photomontage was inspired by lines from his last release Lazarus, on his farewell album Blackstar. He starts simply by saying “Look up here, I’m in heaven” and finishes by reassuring us that “Just like that bluebird, Oh I’ll be free, Ain’t that just like me”.

I applied a writing style called the Cut-up Technique, a Dadaist form often used by Bowie, on his own song titles to create a poem of remembrance. My own quirky way of saying farewell to a great artist, who has and always will be ever-present in my life and work.

Thirty Eight Line Poem

When I live my dream,
An occasional dream,
There is a happy land
After all.
I know it’s gonna happen someday.
If I’m dreaming of my life,
Please, Mr. Gravedigger,
Don’t bring me down!
Who can I be now,
After today?
I feel free!
Let’s dance
The dreamer’s
Slip away.
Hang on to yourself.
It ain’t easy.
Where are we now?
The stars are out tonight
Dancing out in space.
I’ll take you there,
Thru these architects eyes.
Little wonder
I keep forgetting
New angels of promise
Telling lies.
Time will crawl,
Never get old,
Ashes to ashes.
We are the dead.
Can you hear me?
Oh! You pretty things!
Move on
Everything’s alright.

Part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

28 comments on “An Ode To Bowie: Just Like That Bluebird

  1. Beautiful, Sarah. Such a sad, huge loss to the creative world. The first time I saw this video I just sat, stunned. He left us on his terms artistically. Powerful.

    • Thanks Jane. Yes, on his terms despite the cancer! The video blew me away when it was released on his birthday and I could tell that his health was bad. He was such a visionary and I have always felt very in tune with his work. There’s a changeable freak in most of us, my best work and my happiest times have been whenever I’ve embraced that fact 🙂

    • My pleasure Kathie! I always have to deal with grief and emotions artistically. A great many of my friends have been inspired both artistically and musically by Bowie over the years and a few of us are getting together to try to expand the poem into a soundscape (music, visuals and spoken word). I think his influence will be in the world for a long, long time!

  2. Wow..I hadn’t seen the video yet..I was too…taken aback? numbed? …to even search for it. Randomly stumbling upon it was best in the end. I hadn’t yet processed the news.

    Your poem was an excellent tribute. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That’s a photo montage? Stunning! I clicked on your post, expecting only to view the photo, then was so surprised to find your intriguing, artful poem! Please continue exploring words this way! I look forward!

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