26 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Free Spirit

    • Thanks Andy 🙂 This was my favourite from my day at the butterfly event at Wisley this week! It had such glorious backlighting 🙂 It’s a leaf wing butterfly and the underside of those wings really does look just like a dead leaf. Always a treat to see the bright upper wing and a real delight to actually capture it on camera 😀

      • Aye Sarah, they are both cracking moths. My favourite day time moth is the hummingbird moth – I’ve not seen any up here in Scotland, but they are quite common in Cornwall, and I’ve seen them in Surrey too 🙂 My least favourite flying insect is the cockchafer beetles, I remember seeing them swarm on Shalford Common, near Guildford, it was like we had been invaded by some weird aliens! Lol!

      • Oh I love beetles 🙂 I seem to be the only person in the whole of Surrey who actually likes May Bugs! Used to see swarms of them at the base of Boxhill near Dorking. They’re so tough they’ll crack a motorcycle helmet visor! I don’t understand why everyone hates them? They’re fascinating really. Honest!! I do occasionally find a few good stag beetles too. I have seen and photographed the hummingbird hawk moth in Greece but never in the UK! Greece is brilliant for weird and wonderful beetles too of course. I have great fun trying to locate the cicadas. Their camouflage is extraordinary!

      • I think you’re almost right Sarah, but you are actually the only person in the whole of the UK that likes May Bugs! Lol! 🙂
        But I do miss seeing stag beetles, and my favourite insect of all, a common inhabitant of the numerous Surrey heaths – the wood ant. I could spend hours watching them 🙂
        I’m most envious of you on visiting Greece, I gather it is a mecca, for naturalists 🙂
        ‘My Family and Other Animals’ springs to mind!

      • Hahaha 😉 I am soooooo finding a few to photograph for you this year!!

        I love watching the ants in Greece! I have a few photos somewhere of them “farming” aphids 😀 I only freaked out once at a bug in Greece, a cockroach that was in my shoe!

      • Lol!!!!! Are you trying to keep me away from your blog Sarah? 🙂
        I bet the ants in Greece can be really spectacular, it’s amazing how they farm the aphids for their honeydew. I used to watch black garden ants doing a similar type of thing on a sycamore whilst waiting for the bus in Guildford down by the theatre! I hadn’t thought about that for years! Lol!
        Oddly enough, cockroaches don’t bother me, we used to get them regularly coming in with rock samples from West Africa, but if it was Maybugs, I would have run a mile!!!! Lol!

      • Haha, no just be ready to change your mind about them when I show you how beautiful they are 😉 Ants are extraordinary! There are HUGE ants in Greece too that are amazing to watch. I’d love to see the leaf cutter ants in South America!! Cockroaches don’t actually bother me, it was just the shock of something moving about in my shoe 😮

      • When I see your photos Sarah, I’m sure I will bow down to your expertise in the matter of the beauty of Maybugs! 🙂
        You’re right about ants, and the leaf cutters must be an amazing sight!!! That does make a difference, I’m not sure if I would like a cockroach in my shoe!!! Lol!

    • Thanks Mark 🙂 The joy of back-lit undergrowth! I love the trailing air plants and orchids that Wisley place around the tropical zone of the glasshouse. They’re always perfect for capturing bokeh background to compliment the butterfly 🙂

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