Blue Monday: Watching The Birdie

Blue Tit

Blue Monday: Watching The Birdie

Possibly the cutest Blue Tit ever? It’s certainly made it into my favourites. Even more thrilling was being able to watch this little beauty with my godchildren, Rosie and James!

Part of Smiling Sally’s Blue Monday
Smiling Sally

17 comments on “Blue Monday: Watching The Birdie

  1. Hello Sarah,

    This bird looks similar to last week’s with his pretty vibrant blue. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for your sweet comment and kind wishes.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

      • The Sony cameras I use are really good for steady handheld shots even with a slower shutter speed but with a tripod you can be more certain of a crisp image. It’s partially down to how much light you have to work with and I don’t use flash. Some birds stay still for longer than others! The blue tits are fast!!! I think I was using ISO 400, f8 at around 1/500th for these. This was handheld and the light was really good 🙂

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