Blue Monday: Subtlety

Owl Butterfly - Open Wings

Blue Monday: Subtlety

The Owl Butterfly is recognisable for those distinctive eye markings on the underside of its’ enormous wings. The upperside is far more subtle, tones designed to help the butterfly merge into the background as it flies through the jungle undergrowth.

Part of Smiling Sally’s Blue Monday
Smiling Sally

15 comments on “Blue Monday: Subtlety

  1. we saw the owl butterfly at the butterfly house in St. Louis Mo. I took my four year
    old grand daughter to see them. She was terrified. I couldn’t believe it. We had to

    • Oh I’ve seen that reaction from lots of children! They just don’t expect butterflies to be that big. I think it’s also because they’re completely silent, kids don’t know when one’s approaching. My grandchildren are absolutely fine with them thank goodness! I like to think it’s partly to do with my enthusiasm ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s the adults that flinch that gets me! Have you tried telling your granddaughter that they’re just like fairies? That worked when my young niece got a bit unsettled by the big ones!

  2. So amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I am still finishing my comments at Blue Monday as I do each week even though Sally passed away yesterday. I want to continue to honor here so each Monday I plan to share my blues. She was a kind woman and I am going to miss her a lot. Blessings and Hugs, Anne

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