Blue Monday: Clipper Blue-Subspecies

Clipper Blue-Subspecies

Blue Monday: Clipper Blue-Subspecies

Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor has taken over hosting Blue Monday in Sally’s memory and we’re all still sharing happy blue images in her honour. Today I’m posting the last of the blue butterflies from the Butterflies in The Glasshouse event at RHS Gardens Wisley. This is a Clipper Blue-Subspecies and I will admit to having worked on this beautiful creature in Photoshop to fix some bad tears in those lovely wings! It was more damaged than I’d realised upon seeing it in the Glasshouse. The camera may tell the truth but the eye only sees the beauty πŸ™‚

Part of Smiling Sally’s Blue Monday now hosted by Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor
Smiling Sally

13 comments on “Blue Monday: Clipper Blue-Subspecies

    • Hi LV and thank you πŸ™‚ This one’s from South and South East Asia. All the butterflies at the Wisley event are tropical and subtropical species. The Clipper is larger than anything we have in the UK! Some of our native butterflies are beginning to appear on sunny days so I hope I will see some soon πŸ™‚ Hopefully you’ll see a few more in your garden this year too!

  1. Hello Sarah, Thank you so much for joining Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor. Sally would be please at how many of her friends posted today and so am I.

    The butterfly you shared is different than any butterfly I have ever seen. You did a great job of using Photoshop on your photo. I love doing repairs with Photoshop as well as improving my photos in general. I am not over talented in Photoshop, I use basic changes only. I need to learn more…someday. Lol.

    Happy Blue Monday.

    • Hi Jeanne, it was my pleasure! Yes, it was great to see so many people posting πŸ˜€ I really enjoy being creative with photoshop and other software like Nik from Google. Don’t know if you’ve tried it? It works as an add on with photoshop or Lightroom. I’ve never had any lessons etc in photoshop, I just experiment πŸ™‚ There are lots of helpful tutorials on YouTube though!

  2. Oh yes the eye only does she the beauty. Isn’t that interesting. I am often so surprised when I drop pics into Lightroom .. Flaws and things I didn’t notice prior become so apparent. Wonderful image Sarah .. The wings look beautiful

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