Blue Monday: Happy Birthday Blues

Blue Osteospermum

Blue Monday: Happy Birthday Blues

I was so happy that the storms blew through over the night and this morning, enabling a small group of my family and friends to join me for a birthday celebration at RHS Wisley Gardens! It was a really lovely day and I managed to process a few of the fabulous blues that we saw whilst wandering around the gardens.


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Smiling Sally

30 comments on “Blue Monday: Happy Birthday Blues

    • Yep, mine. Definitely happy 😀 Would you believe that that building is in fact a laboratory? Fabulously designed in the Tudor style to fit seamlessly into its surroundings 🙂 It’s the flagship for the Royal Horticultural Society here in the UK and I am fortunate to live just a few miles away. Thanks so much Emilio 😀

  1. Happy birthday Sarah, Your trip to the RHS Wisley Gardens sounds like a birthday I would enjoy. The blue flowers are perfect and so are your other photos as well.
    Thank you for joining Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor.

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 It was really nice to have a group of us together! I tend to avoid having parties and gatherings on my birthday as I never want people to feel like they should have to get me gifts!! I have most of what I want and things that are needed usually take a while to save up for 😉 It was nice to have their company though, the bank holiday Monday brought that gift to me!

  2. The blue osteospermum are delicious! But the blue tit is even better – what a great shot Sarah. Happy birthday, I can’t think of a better place to spend it in.

    • Thanks Jude 😀 I often just spend my birthday there on my own enjoying the peace and beauty! Nice to have it on a bank holiday when loved ones who’d usually be working could be there too. Had Storm Katie calmed down a bit by the time it got to you? So relieved it didn’t spoil the day for us! All weekend it really looked like it would. The blue tits were such fun! I’m getting my godson into photography. He loves it but as an eight year old he has a way to go to master patience 😉 This is the second time we’ve watched and photographed the birds together and he’s improving with the whole concept of stillness! Next week we’re going to Chessington to photograph the animals and aquatic species 🙂

      • How delightful to have someone to share your skills and knowledge with. Sometimes kids just take the most amazing shots by ‘messing’ around.

      • Ah, messing around is absolutely to be encouraged!! Some of the greatest breakthroughs in photographic techniques and processes have come from messing around and experimenting 😀 We’re going to do zoo photography next week which could involve some experimental stuff in the aquarium!

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