8 comments on “Blue Tit

      • Oh Jude! It’s a good time of year for photographing them as so many are proudly announcing their territory rather than flitting all over the place. The greatest tip I can give you is to be as still as possible. Many of these are also taken with my 500mm lens which really does make a difference although I used to get many cracking results with a 75-300mm. When you’re looking for birds try to view a wide area to start with and watch for a tiny bit of movement. You can then narrow down your search area and listen for the song to help guide you too.

      • Ah, Sarah, I shall never be anywhere nearly as good as you at photography and especially with the birds. You are an artist. And it shows. I am just a snapper. I like trying to photograph birds, but I also enjoy just seeing them and listening to their song. And I am not one for keeping still for long 😉 No I’ll leave the birds to you – and get far more enjoyment from the experience.

      • As I always say, never say never but thank you for the lovely compliment! I guess I got into the habit of keeping still when I was a child just so I could watch wildlife for as long as possible 🙂 I used to sketch birds a lot when I was younger which takes even more patience!! There’s nothing quite so wonderful as being outside with no sounds other than birdsong around you 😀 The thing I’ve always loved about just watching birds is getting to know and understand their different characters, behavior and habits. The more you understand them the easier it is to find them of course! I really need to put some of my videography together at some point. I have quite a collection now but not enough experience with video software. Another thing to be learnt at some point 🙂

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