4 comments on “Blue House Boat

  1. Perfect light, colour, shadows on the path, reflection in the water. Your photography just gets better and better. Do you sell these images at all?

    • I really need to get a whole series loaded onto my online shop! It’s just a bit of a pain doing it. Takes so much time to upload and set up metadata, descriptions etc etc!! I need a PA 😉 I would desperately love to be successfully selling my work. I have a local gallery who sell some of my pieces but after their costs and commission I don’t end up with much. It usually pays for me to buy a few Christmas gifts for people, put it that way! It’s just the way it is with the arts I guess. I know so many talented singers, writers, musicians, photographers and artists but no one earning a full salary from their talents! The markets are saturated with generic, commercial and the mundane.

      Rant over 😉 Thank you so much! I really am trying to develop my skills a lot and do the very best work I can. Life is one long journey of learning and discover 🙂

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