4 comments on “Bluebells

    • Thanks Jude 🙂 I give myself too much work is what lol!! These were all shot in raw and processed in Adobe raw before opening in PS. I like to push the vibrance and clarity up on most of my images and usually cool the greens by adjusting the tone slightly towards blue. It’s a balance that works well for many of my images but it’s so dependant on the look you want! I use a lot of different filters in PS to boost tones and colour. Many of them are from Action Sets from companies like Greater Than Gatsby which apply a series of filters that can all be customised to fit the image you’re working on. I’ve learnt a lot from using them and have my favourite mixes and extra layers and filters that I use to adjust things. It’s a lengthy process but to me it’s very much like painting the picture 🙂 Just experiment with different things Jude and you’ll find what works for you. Mostly it should be about having fun with it I think 🙂

      • Thanks for this Sarah. Maybe I will spend more time editing when the weather is inclement. Now I am just so happy to see the sun and get outdoors with the camera. But I will have another go using raw.

      • Just think of using Adobe raw like using Lightroom! Also if you visit the GTG site they have some free actions and presets for PS and Lightroom that you can try out 🙂 I was ill all last week so lots of processing was a good distraction!! The weekend was certainly beautiful here though 🙂 It’s a joy getting outside in the spring sunshine!

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