4 comments on “Goldcrest

    • It is indeed our smallest bird along with the Firecrest, which I have never seen myself! Wrens are hard to photograph but goldcrest take it to another level. I’ve spotted them before in this area but was so chuffed to be in the right place at the right time to grab a few photos! It’s only these two that it was actually looking in my direction. What big eyes they have 😀

      • I have never even heard of the Firecrest! I have a photo of a Wren though. One visits our garden 🙂 Is it OK for me to link to your Goldcrest? I’d love others to see your magnificent bird photos.

      • Absolutely, please do Jude 🙂 The Firecrest has a more orange coloured flash on its head! Very rare and incredibly shy. I have a friend in Devon who’s managed to photograph a few to my extreme jealousy! I would just love to see one. I have a wren who visits our little garden patch out front in the morning. I mostly watch her through the window alongside the cat who thinks that she looks fun to play with! I have a few photos though that I must share 🙂

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