Blue Monday: The Apple Of My Eye

Sweet Treat For A Blue Tit

Blue Monday: The Apple Of My Eye


The apple of my eye is my goddaughter Rosie! Today is her eleventh birthday but she won’t get to see my Happy Birthday post for a week as she’s spread her wings, like the birds and butterflies, and flown (well ferried, but that doesn’t fit my photos!) over the English Chanel to France on a school trip. The girls weren’t allowed to take anything with a WiFi or Network Data connection, probably so they actually focus on getting to know France rather than their phones. I can see a certain amount of sense to this but the internet can also be such a useful tool when traveling! So I can’t send her a Birthday email but we did all gather together yesterday for a lovely birthday lunch! These photos were all taken at a visit to RHS Wisley Gardens during the February half-term holiday.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

Blue Monday is hosted by Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor
Smiling Sally

11 comments on “Blue Monday: The Apple Of My Eye

    • She’s an absolute blessing 😀 I was always too ill with Crohn’s to have my own children so when Rosie was born and Nikki asked me to be godmother it was such a gift! I have a close relationship with both her and her younger brother 🙂 Just love spending time with them!

  1. Hello Sarah, It is easy to see why your goddaughter is the apple of your eye. She is beautiful and has the sweetest expression in the photo you shared. What a wonderful experience crossing the English channel. The way kids today use their phones, I can understand why they were asked to leave them home. I bet Rosie will miss having it though. Smile. Happy Birthday to a sweet girl.

    Thank you for your sweet comment and joining Blue Monday.

    • Thanks Jeanne 🙂 Yes she’s a very sweet and kind hearted girl! I’m ever so proud of her 😀 I hope they don’t all miss their phones too much and immerse themselves in the experience of being abroad! I do think that teaching children responsibility of using technology at home and abroad is something that schools could start addressing. I can’t wait to see Rosie when she’s back to hear all about their adventures 🙂

  2. I’m right in there with Jeanne, leaving the phone at home is a must if a place really is to be experienced and enjoyed to the full – no distractions! – and despite what kids probably think, the whole other “phone world” will still be there when they get back. A

    • Oh it will indeed but the Internet can be used to explore further the places that you’re visiting. Used in the right way it can become integral to the exploration of any locality. It’s also the only camera that so many people own these days! I use my phone camera when I’m out a lot. It’s great for wide angles and panoramas. Staying off social media when out and about is a good thing though!!

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