Blue Monday: Soothing Scabious

Blue Scabious

Blue Monday: Soothing Scabious

Sometimes called the pincushion flower, it is believed that Scabious may have come by it’s name as it was once used as a folk medicine to treat scabies. Whether this is true or not, I certainly find it a very soothing sight in an English Country Garden during the summer!

Blue Monday is hosted by Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor in honour of Smiling Sally
Smiling Sally

17 comments on “Blue Monday: Soothing Scabious

  1. Hello Sarah, Your blue flower is so pretty and the story is interesting. It is definitely soothing and lovely to view.
    Thank you for joining Blue Monday as always. I look forward to see what you will share.

  2. This main picture here, the one looking down onto the flower, is truly wonderful, Sarah, both because of the flower itself, its wonderful colours and structures – but also because of the gloriously fresh, vibrant and blurred green backdrop – wonderful stuff! A πŸ™‚

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