Shortlisted For October RHS PhotoComp

View Over The Rock Garden At Wisley Gardens

Shortlisted For October RHS PhotoComp

I really need everyone’s help to get my shortlisted image to the top of the leader board for October! The social media category has monthly winners that are chosen from the ten shortlisted images the RHS have put into a gallery on Facebook. It’s a public vote decided by the number of “likes” on the images. The vote closes at midnight (GMT) tonight! At the moment the pumpkin photo is ahead of mine and several others by more than 50 votes.

If you would like to help me then please follow this link and LIKE the fourth photo

16 comments on “Shortlisted For October RHS PhotoComp

  1. The way you capture the light and still maintain those glorious Autumn colours. And as with so many of your pictures you draw us into your landscape. Beautiful πŸ€—

  2. I don’t have FB so I can’t like, but I did pop over to look at the competition and can’t believe the pumpkin is ahead of yours! The leaves and the trees images are far better in my opinion not to mention your stunning entry. I mean, I like pumpkins but that’s not even a great shot!

    • Haha, I thought there were a few that were far better photographs but were low in votes! I liked several myself included the leaves and the tree. I also had a look at the photographer’s twitter feed and she had submitted several other images that were much better than the pumpkins! I think it’s a case of “association liking”, ie we literally just had Halloween so everyone is tuned in to pumpkins. They’ll like it automatically. Ah well, my awesome friends did get me into 2nd place πŸ™‚ I am going to submit a series to the other categories but this year the limit is 5 entries I think. Hence why I am tagging so many of my blog posts to enter each months social media category. Will you start tagging any of yours on Twitter if you have it? Up to 5 submissions every month!

      • Soz Sarah, I don’t do Twitter either – rules me out of a lot of competitions these days as entry is by social media accounts and not email.

      • It’s frustrating isn’t it? I think organisations are right to embrace new areas of technology and media but they still need to provide a platform for those who don’t want to use particular websites to still be able to engage with them. I don’t want to use instagram but I think I will be forced into it!

    • Thanks for trying Adrian! I was beaten by the pumpkins which just goes to show that if you share a photo of pumpkins on Facebook on Halloween it will get liked…….a lot. It’s hard enough trying to figure out what a panel of judges will be looking for let alone figuring out what the general public like πŸ˜‰

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