Winter Birds In Shropshire 

Winter Birds In Shropshire 

We’re here in Shropshire for a few days visiting family and friends. This morning brought a surprise gift to us when a flock of waxwings swooped into the garden to breakfast on crab apples and berries. What a delight! This is the first time I have ever seen a waxwing let alone photographed one. In fact it was a first for most of the household and elicited much whispered excitement and wide-eyed wonder! I was also treated to the presence of a single fieldfare that was boisterous in its defence of territory from the blackbirds. The territory in question contained the largest amount of windfall apples in the garden! Unusual to see one on its own. Although I have come away without my computer I absolutely had to get a few images onto my phone for processing. Hope you enjoy them! 

40 comments on “Winter Birds In Shropshire 

  1. Beautiful! I have heard of Waxwings but don’t recall seeing photos of them, very handsome birds. There is something wise and knowing about the faces of Robins, to me. Were all the photos taken in Shropshire? Best to you for 2017, Sarah.

    • Thanks Ardys 🙂 Waxwings are only over here for the winter! Just incredible to finally see them for myself. Robins have so much character and really do have expressive faces 🙂 All taken today in my mother-in-law’s gardens! It’s a haven for wildlife, particularly birds. I always have fun watching them 🙂

  2. Looks beautiful, I agree with the comment above, I love seeing Robins too. We have a pair who spend most of their day around our kitchen window and on the terrace, they always look like such cheeky characters! Wishing you a very happy an healthy 2017

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Yes robins are fantastic characters to have in the garden! As a child I was very fond of a little robin that would come all the way into the house and sit in the kitchen singing for food 😀 Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Blimey Sarah, your m-i-l’s garden is a veritable nature reserve! What luck with the waxwings! And what luck for us that you were there with your camera to capture all these lovely birds. Such beautiful photos as usual.

  4. Really wonderful images, Sarah – especially the waxwings (a bird I’ve only seen once) and the Fieldfare, but the shots of the Robin, GS Woodpecker (strong image!) and Nuthatch are also excellent. Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian 😀 Just wonderful to get to watch birds that I’ve never seen with my own eyes before! The robin was being coy but finally posed perfectly on the frost which was so pretty 🙂 The woodpeckers make me laugh with how they approach the orchard with the bird feeders! I just loved the sight of him amongst those branches. They usually cling to the back of every branch and trunk on route to the feeder, just peeking their heads out to check the coast is clear. Great to get him in profile 🙂 The fieldfare was really quite a character too! Chasing off the blackbirds from his apple hoard 😉 Strange thing is it was on it’s own! A few flocks have been seen in nearby fields but this enterprising bird has found the garden and decided to keep it to himself!

      • Sarah, you are one of the few bloggers who, in my experience, give good long answers to comments – I enjoy these answers very much – thank you! – it is a real pleasure following your blog. Adrian

      • I love chatting when I have a bit of time, especially when it’s about the passions I share with blogging friends! Your comments always so much appreciated Adrian 🙂 I should imagine that if I had many more comments I’d start finding it hard to respond properly to people!

    • Thanks so much 😀 These were all taken with the Sony a6000 with mount adapter for the Sigma 50-500mm. It’s a great lens for getting closer to my subjects but sometimes a bit slow to autofocus so if I can get it on the tripod and focus manually I usually get the best shots. Love my Sony cameras 🙂 Mirrorless is perfect for me as it’s lightweight and easy to transport.

    • Thanks so much Rob 🙂 I feel so utterly blessed to have been able to watch and photograph them! They don’t often come as far across the UK from the East Coast. I am going to post a few more images of them now that I’ve been able to get the sd card downloaded onto the computer for a full process 🙂

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