27 comments on “Silent Sunday 

      • Yes, I’m good, it has been hot here, but that’s to be expected. We had a wild storm a couple of days after Christmas and lost the ceiling in the bedroom. All fixed now, we had so much rain, would have been fun if we didn’t have to mop up water at the same time. I hope you get some snow, that would be fun.

      • Wowser!! Wild storm indeed 😮 Glad it’s all fixed and I hope your belongings didn’t get too damaged. Most of Europe has been having severe snow the last few days. Seeing pictures of Greece and even Istanbul in Turkey under a thick blanket of snow is quite surreal! My brother finally has snow in New York and has been out playing in Central Park. Definitely my turn next 😉 Hope you don’t get too many more extreme weather conditions!!

    • Thanks Chris 🙂 I hope that life treats us all gently and kindly this year but I aim to have a bit of thrilling adventure thrown in too 😀 It was the fog that really gave such a great atmosphere to these images but we’re hoping to visit the gardens again in the summer!

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