Blue Monday: Wings Of Wonder

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Monday: Wings Of Wonder

Sadly, Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor has lost her internet provider for her home and cannot carry on hosting Blue Monday. I am considering offering to host it here but would like some advice on simple linking tools from anyone else who hosts a challenge! Also, who would be interested in sharing beautiful blues to help brighten up the day?

It’s now the second week of Butterflies In The Glasshouse at RHS Wisley Gardens and my blue images today are of the amazing Blue Morpho. This is one of the most popular butterflies at the event due to it’s size and iridescent blue wings. The butterflies open their wings in the sunshine to warm themselves and the light reflects from the tiny scales covering the surface. They become more vibrant depending on the strength and angle of the sunlight.

12 comments on “Blue Monday: Wings Of Wonder

  1. Your butterflies are always a pleasure to view but I do think that your photography would stand out more on a different theme – the boat background is lovely but distracting. And the actual body of this theme is rather narrow for photos. You are such an excellent photographer it is a shame not to showcase them. (I hope I don’t cause offence Sarah – I may have mentioned this before and it is as ever only my opinion)

    As to hosting the challenge – why not? With my challenges I simply asked people to use a common tag so I could create a list to check their entries (not everyone does this) and/or leave a link in their post to mine (a pingback) or just a link in a comment on my post. With the bench challenge I picked 5 or 6 and put the links at the top of the next post. It depends on how many people link to you I guess as how you want to do this. I know some sites use ‘linky’ I think, but I know nothing about using that.

    • It is a wonder indeed!! Of course all the tropical butterflies in the glasshouse are under threat in the wild 😦 Mostly from deforestation and other habitat losses! People can be beautiful and wonderful too but far too often we are one hell of an ugly and selfish species.

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