6 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Natural Nail Art

    • Thanks Adrian 🙂 I have seen and photographed numerous butterflies perched on hands, heads and even cameras at Wisley but the glasswing butterfly usually keeps it’s distance! I think it was searching for a salt lick. Many butterflies do that! I loved being able to show the scale of this little gem 🙂 It was just about to take off and flutter away again!

      • Absolutely for the warmth! The staff and volunteers at the butterfly exhibit often have to rescue butterflies that have got cold spending too much time on the windows. There’s a particular way to safely hold a butterfly and then you can gently blow on it to warm it up 🙂 They’ll happily sit on a warm hand for a while to get their temperature up. I for one am always willing to assist a chilly butterfly 😀

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