Blue Monday: Butterfly Kisses

Doric Longwing

Blue Monday: Butterfly Kisses

The Doric Longwing butterfly has the most wonderful markings. The beautiful blue open wings and what looks like a lipstick kiss mark on the underside. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

5 comments on “Blue Monday: Butterfly Kisses

  1. Beautiful Sarah, and as with most of your posts, very inspiring. I have actually nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award in recognition of your creative and inspiring photography. I sent you an email about this to give you a heads up, but somehow I suspect you did not get it. I was nominated myself and am now passing this on! Here is a link to my post about this.

    • Thanks Chris and more apologies for my late responses!! Trying to catch up with several weeks worth of messages today. I am my own worst enemy. Last week was rather busy with half term from school for the kids! I had my goddaughter and godson with me at the butterflies on the Monday 🙂 Rosie was making sketches while I gave James another photography “lesson”! Lovely being able to share my passions with them and to feed off their enthusiasm 🙂

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