Ashley Paddon from The Nefarious Picaroons


On Saturday night we went to a charity concert in Godalming. With such rubbish weather I knew it was probably my only opportunity to get an image to put into today’s Fotospeed weekend-photography challenge! I am working on a complete set of the three bands that were playing for my Facebook page but, until then, I decided to process a couple of my photos of Ashley Paddon, from The Nefarious Picaroons. It was hard deciding which to go for as the entry but I think my lead image would make a great, colourful print! What do you all think?

8 comments on “Nefarious

    • Thanks Adrian 🙂 Ash loves it so I’m happy! Hopefully I will finally get my full set of all the bands photos up on Facebook tomorrow. Then I can process a black and white set from a gig we went to on Thursday night 😉 We’re seeing a fantastic Kate Bush tribute band called Cloudbusting on Friday in Guildford but I might actually take a night off from photos and just enjoy the sounds 🙂

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