City In A Spin

City In A Spin

City In A Spin

City In A Spin is my entry for this week’s Wex Mondays challenge. The swirled abstract was created from an image taken from the waiting area for Special Care Dentistry at Guy’s Hospital in London. Look closely and you’ll find the River Thames, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. The dentistry unit is on the twenty-sixth floor of Guy’s Tower and the city can look confusing from up there! There’s much beauty to be found among the densely-packed city streets though. I am looking forward to sharing some of my work from The City Gardens soon. These gardens and green spaces are a respite for people and a vital resource for the precious wildlife of London.

Different Perspectives


Blue Monday: Bumper Batch Of Blue Tits

Blue Tit all puffed up

Blue Monday: Bumper Batch Of Blue Tits

Spring has got all the birds in a flutter! I had so much fun watching the blue tits last week that I decided to process a bumper batch for this week’s Blue Monday. I hope you enjoy their antics as much as I did!


Grow Your Own Way

My Favourite Tree

Grow Your Own Way

Here’s my entry for today’s Fotospeed Challenge. It was taken yesterday afternoon on a glorious Spring day at RHS Wisley Gardens. This is my favourite tree in the gardens and it’s at it’s best right now. Blossom bursting from those wonderfully twisted limbs, a carpet of grape hyacinth and the border of fiery dogwood starting to sprout. It makes me happy!


Wordless Wednesday: Soaking Up The Spring Sunshine

Brimstone On Tree Flowers

Wordless Wednesday: Soaking Up The Spring Sunshine


The Way Forward, Illuminated

Walkway Over The Wetlands

The Way Forward, Illuminated

A busy weekend and little time for any photography for the Fotospeed Challenge! We did manage a brief stop at Heather Farm Wetlands Centre for a lovely cuppa and slice of cake at the Waters Edge Cafe though. The brisk wind was creating so much movement in the clouds, with a hopeful brightness appearing on the horizon. I have tried to convey all of that in this mono from one of the walkways over the marshland. Hope you like it!