6 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: An Ode To Peace And Unity

    • Thanks Ardys! I don’t know what news you’ve had on the UK leaving the European Union down there? Yesterday our government sent the letter that triggers the process of leaving 😦 I didn’t vote for Brexit so for me it was a sad day. I think the world is better off with more unity rather than the division we’re seeing across the world at the moment.

  1. Exactly Sarah, exactly. The EU was born out of the aftermath of WW2, which in turn was a hangover from WW1……the two most devastating events in human history started on continental Europe. I firmly believe that one of the main reasons why we haven’t seen WW3 is because of the close ties fostered by the EU……and Brexit threatens that stability. The result last June still annoys the crap out of me……and we have years of pain to come!!

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