Keeping Up Appearances

Grey Wagtail

Keeping Up Appearances

I love watching wildlife along the Basingstoke Canal near where I live. Last week I had a delightful encounter with one of the grey wagtails that live alongside the canal. It’s the perfect habitat for them and they thrive here! I always see them on my short outings but this time I was able to get much closer than usual, getting to watch my little friend preening his feathers and singing joyfully. They’re fabulous little birds, full of character with such pretty plumage. The experience brought me so much joy, I decided that he would be the star of my entry for this week’s Wex Mondays challenge!

16 comments on “Keeping Up Appearances

  1. Gorgeous pictures, you’re so lucky to have got so close, my friend; they’re around Bristol docks too, and along streams around here but I’ve never been so close. To my mind, the most beautiful – and elegant – of our wagtails. A

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