Fast Food Delivery

Greater Spotted Woodpecker with food for young

Fast Food Delivery

I’ve been watching a pair of great spotted woodpeckers at their nest site by the canal. They’ve been returning to the same site for many years now! The chicks are constantly calling for food, both parents busy collecting grubs in the tree canopy. They’re nervous and watchful parents with so many magpies and crows in the same area. I usually set myself up hidden behind an adjacent tree. They are still wary of me so I try not to linger too long. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of a failed nest! I captured this image of the female returning to the oak, perched on her favoured lookout branch, before delivering the meal to the noisy chicks. I’m hoping to see them soon when they start coming to the nest entrance to take the food from their parents! Fellow blogger, Spugwash, has already seen his brood popping their tufted heads up and eventually fledging from the nest. Do check out his great images, he’s a wonderful wildlife photographer! So this is my entry for Wex Mondays this week and who knows, perhaps I will have more of them for you next Monday.

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