Swanage Serenity

Still Waters at Swanage Pier

Swanage Serenity

When the bustle of activity around the dive centre on Swanage Pier has finished for the day, all that remains is the calm stillness of the waters and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, now that Simon and I are fully qualified PADI Open Water Divers! This is my entry for this week’s Fotospeed Challenge. It’s from a four second long-exposure of the old pier struts, next to where the dive boats moor during the day. Despite the overcast skies I didn’t have enough filters to get a longer exposure! I will have to get some Lee Big Stoppers before our next dive there.

20 comments on “Swanage Serenity

  1. Congrats! A whole new world…I don’t think I would do very well, although I loved snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. What a thrill. Can’t wait to see you photos.

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