Marsh Warbler Maybe?

I think it's a Marsh Warbler

Marsh Warbler Maybe?

Despite an injury to my neck I managed a little bit of weekend wildlife watching and photography! This sighting at Heather Farm Wetlands Centre has me very excited, as I’m almost 100% certain that it’s a Marsh Warbler. The markings and the song seem to fit. It can be very hard to positively identify some warblers from one another! I hope that the good folks at the RSPB and BTO can help me out. I couldn’t bring the 500mm lens out with my neck injury so can’t actually read the identification ring on the bird’s leg. There’s a nest deep in the shrubs close to the fence post and the fledglings have been popping in and out but not when I was close enough with the camera! The adults were very busy darting in and out of the reeds around the water’s edge. Such a joy to watch! I also managed to get close enough to identify and photograph another resident, a reed bunting. This was another first for me! Nature is most definitely the best remedy for any ailment. I will share this little bundle of joy for my Fotospeed entry this week and hope it makes others smile too πŸ™‚

I think it's a Marsh Warbler

11 comments on “Marsh Warbler Maybe?

    • I think I said something about our warblers on the last post you did about the Cisticola! They are from the same family and just wonderful to watch πŸ™‚ It’s been a good year for warbler sightings locally again. Ticking new ones off is always a special treat πŸ˜€ Thanks Chris!

    • Oh no!!! Even if I have a recording of the song and lots of detail in the images I often question myself. Particularly with birds like the warblers!! My mum sometimes confuses me even further by talking about various birds by the nicknames she’s given them πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Julie πŸ™‚ Much better now thank goodness! It did take a good week or so for it to fully get back to it’s normal state. I shall try not to put quite so much strain on it in future now that I know about the vertebrae being a bit damaged!

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