Blue Monday: Try A Little Tenderness 

Blue Monday: Try A Little Tenderness 

This is my last post directly from Kos for this year! Two weeks has flown by and we must return to the UK. It’s been a wonderful visit to our beautiful island. There’s so much beauty here as well as a strong sense of community. I think my image of the young peacock grooming the peahen at Plaka sums up the warmth and compassion that is present here. People really do look out for one another! Try a little tenderness with the people around you, wherever you are in the world and whether you know them or not. It’s a simple thing to do, a simple yet beautiful gift to give! Happy Blue Monday everyone 🙂 

8 comments on “Blue Monday: Try A Little Tenderness 

  1. A great sentiment, Sarah. But I’m afraid my wife would get jealous if I tried a little tenderness with anyone but her! 🙂 I’ll be extra nice, though.

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 It was wonderful! I hope you’re enjoying Crete 😀 It’s a big bigger than Kos and a little further south but a fabulous island! A long trip for you to have made but I am sure it’s worth it 😀 Love Greece!

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