12 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Feline Flowery 

  1. Beautiful shot, Sarah! I love those gleaming bright eyes. I had a cat just like this one when I was a boy. It was a stray kitten and I called it Lucky. Brings back some good memories 🙂

    • Thanks Pete and happy to bring back good memories for you! Luna has stunningly beautiful eyes 🙂 She and her sister, Juno, are rescues that came from a farm cat family. They’re a wonderful pair! I have trouble photographing them as every time I point a camera in their direction they come straight over to me for attention 😉 Luna is very obsessed with HER space in the flowerbed and doesn’t like to leave it in case it gets pinched 😂 She cracks me up!

    • Thanks Jude 🙂 I know!! Trouble is, every time I point a camera in their direction they come straight over for attention 😉 It’s Luna 😀 She’s finally decided that she quite likes the outdoors after three years of refusing to leave the house! The flowerbed is a favourite patch for her and she actually keeps still long enough to get a photo 🙂 Writing this with Juno walking over me purring loudly! It must be bed time 😉

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Our Luna has extremely beautiful eyes! It’s the green around the irises that gets me. Usually they don’t keep still for photos, show any bit of interest and you have a cat in your face purring loudly 😂 Luna loves her flowerbed though!

  2. Wonderful, Sarah, and very striking too. How I love cats! And I’ve just been lucky enough to rediscover more photos of the one I grew up with – he was two years older than me, and lived until he was 15 – he was always there in my childhood. A 🙂

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