The weather closed in on us yesterday and scuppered plans for heading outdoors! The cats were equally unimpressed. Once they’d given up on meowing at us to fix the weather, they headed off for a Sunday catnap. This monochrome image is a soft capture, using my 50mm 1.8f lens, of our Juno snoozing on the bed. Juno and her sister, Luna, are actually quite colourful tortoiseshell and white rescue cats but I decided to go mono with this one to reflect they greyness of the day. Photographing the cats was the sum total of work I managed this weekend, so this is my choice for this week’s Fotospeed challenge. Good luck everyone!

12 comments on “Catnap

    • Thanks Jude πŸ™‚ I actually added extra negative space to the original photo. I may not have had much opportunity for photography that weekend but it can really lead you to thinking carefully about composition and the story you want to tell with it. The girls always look blissfully peaceful when they’re snoozing πŸ™‚

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