Autumnal Richness


Autumnal Richness

Late afternoon sun, glowing through the trees and highlighting a foraging pheasant. This scene last week typified so much of what I love most about Autumn; golden sunlight, warm colours and wildlife stocking-up on food ahead of the Winter months. Late at RHS Wisley Gardens and I think I was the last visitor to leave; actually, I admit it, I know I was the last one there as I would have been completely locked in if Christina hadn’t still been working in the membership offices! I love being in the grounds when it’s quiet. Even more wildlife appears! It’s magical. I thought that I would share this captivating scene for the Wex Mondays challenge this week.

14 comments on “Autumnal Richness

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 They can be incredibly skittish, you’re right! They have a reputation in the UK for being the most stupid birds around. They’re well known for doing their best to get run over on the roads! Driving anywhere near a pheasant farm in spring and summer is a real hazard.

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