My Fotospeed challenge entry this week is of the humble garden spider, araneus diadematus. Our garden is almost overflowing with them at the moment! Fortunately I’m not afraid of spiders, they genuinely fascinate me. I’ve been meaning to try focus stacking for macro images for quite a while now. This spider was in a sheltered spot on the back door, keeping nice and still for me to get close with my 30mm and capture 20 frames, handheld, manually adjusting the focus. I combined the images in Photoshop, using masks to brush away the unfocused areas and reveal much more detail of my subject than I would have been able to capture in a single frame. I have a long way to go to get to where I’d like to be in this area of photography and processing techniques, but I feel like I’ve made a relatively good start. Lots to learn and even more equipment to acquire! Any advice would be gratefully received.

4 comments on “Araneus

  1. Wow! This is very clear. I have never tried focus stacking, but if this is the result… [only kidding, I’d never get as good a photo as you in a million years / shots 😀 ]

    • Thanks Jude 🙂 Once I get a few extension tubes I will try some more (with a tripod this time to make it easier putting the stack together!). It’s a bit time consuming but I think anyone with a manual macro lens could give it a go and see if they enjoy the process. I expect there are quite a few YouTube tutorials out there! It doesn’t have to be insects of course. Shrooms and blooms can look extraordinary too 😀

    • Thanks so much Adrian 🙂 I think it will definitely be a lot simpler using a tripod!! Hoping to invest in some extension tubes. They can be found second hand at reasonable prices I believe! It’s time consuming but very satisfying 😀

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