The Keep

Guildford Castle Keep

The Keep

This wasn’t my intended entry for the Fotospeed challenge today but it’s alway good to have a backup plan! It was my hubby, Simon’s birthday on Saturday so I resolved to leave the cameras packed away and refrain from doing any work. We went into Guildford for lunch at Meat The Greek in Castle Street. Wonderful little place with proper gyros and Greek lemonade! Simon dropped me off nearby while he went to park the car, so I went for a little wander through the Castle Grounds. It all seemed rather sombre under the grey skies, with bare flowerbeds and no visitors! Of course when there aren’t any visitors it’s actually a good time to photograph the castle. Well, I still had my phone. I love this pathway through to the dry moat from the arched underpass. The way it reveals and frames the view up to The Keep is like a little bit of magic. So yes, I did sort of work on my husbands birthday! He understands 😉 I took five images with my Sony Xperia Z5 and the sent them to the cloud so I could merge them and process the scene in Photoshop and Nik Software. I really like how it turned out, matching the mood of the scene that day. We did have a lovely lunch and a family meal out later on, saving Simon from having to do any cooking on his birthday! Exactly as it should be 🙂

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7 comments on “The Keep

    • Thanks Cybele 🙂 It’s very much your kind of processing I think!! The castle grounds are actually so well kept that it often loses the air of mystery and history that other ruins around the UK have. Monochrome is such a great way to recapture that ambience!

  1. That is so beautifully and finely done, Sarah! I love the black and white and the way you have it framed. There is also quite a three dimensionality about it, and one feels they can step right through the arch, walk along the aged flags right up to the magnificent keep.

    • Thanks Pete 🙂 I think it’s that staggered wall entry to the old moat that really brings the three dimensional feel to this view. From many angles it’s a typical English, chocolate box scene! Those are quite glorious when the flower beds and banks are full of flowers and colour. A keep should definitely have an imposing aspect to it though!! There may never have been a battle here but I would like to think that it would have been somewhat intimidating to adversaries.

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