Remains Of Decay

Remains Of Decay

Remains Of Decay


Go back to my roots
Returning to Mother Earth
Remains of decay

This leaf is one of the many, fallen from the sycamore in our communal gardens. I love collecting the leaves from this tree to create macro studies from. I usually keep them all in colour, enjoying the vibrancy and richness of the many tones. This particular leaf really lent itself to a monotone study though. It’s my entry for this week’s Fotospeed challenge. Good luck to everyone taking part!

2 comments on “Remains Of Decay

  1. Beautiful, especially when enlarged. The monotone works very well as you notice the wonderful shape of this leaf and the veins and imperfections which often get unnoticed when viewing in colour.

    • Thanks so much Jude 😀 I actually loaded this one at a higher resolution to what I usually post so that all those details could be seen. It’s from a sycamore right next to my parking space and I have fun with the leaves every year. First time I’ve converted one to monochrome though and I was really pleased with how it turned out 😀

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