Smoke And Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke And Mirrors

For the Wex Mondays and Fotospeed challenges this week I have created another of my little still-life squares. I added a bit of smoke to the mirror using my vape but I must say it was harder to try and control than I thought it would be! I stacked nine images together so that I could get the smoke in all the areas that I’d wanted. I kept it soft like a sea mist. These little pieces are very self-reflective. There are many times that I feel like an empty shell, a pale reflection of the person I should have become. I can put on a mask but it’s all smoke and mirrors, tricks of the light. This shell is cracked. Not fit for purpose! Even a hermit crab wouldn’t want it. Half a life of Crohn’s will do that! It’s IBD awareness week with the theme Make The Invisible Visible (Crohn’s and Colitis) so this is a way of sharing something of the impact that the disease has had on me. I think if I took off that mask and lived showing people how I really felt all the time it would absolutely destroy me. I’m a rather fragile shell really. The mask is as much for myself as for anyone else. But still, there’s beauty even in an old, cracked and empty shell.

23 comments on “Smoke And Mirrors

  1. There are others of us who feel like this, Sarah, we understand. I know your artwork belies your personal challenges, but also happens because of them. x

    • Thanks Ardys! I know there are so many people around the world who will or have experienced the same feelings as I have for reasons personal to them. The arts can be a great way to express ourselves but also to connect with others and share empathy. Thank you for that lovely sentiment! I’m definitely a believer in making life happen 😁

  2. Marvellous image Sarah….hours in the making, I’m sure! I’m in complete agreement with you on photography and turning negatives into positives (double entendre intended!)

  3. Sarah, I love the image. But that’s not the thing here. Its you, talking about your illness, and I can only admire your candour and courage – I have admired these traits in you for sometime. I’m particularly touched by “There are many times that I feel like an empty shell, a pale reflection of the person I should have become”. Take good care of yourself, my friend. Adrian xxx

    • Thank you so much my friend! Do you know, I think it was only when I truly accepted my vulnerabilities that I actually found my strength again. It’s ok to be vulnerable and to need support at times. It’s human! I’m pacing myself leading up to Christmas as much as I can. It’s often a manic time of year but I’m hoping that we can have a more relaxed time this year. Hope you’re well and looking forward to a relaxing yuletide too!

      • I don’t get involved with Christmas too much. I know its originally a Pagan festival and I find meaning in that, but I keep as far away as possible from the overriding consumerist and materialist frenzy. A πŸ™‚

      • I get involved for all the children in my life more than anything else! Like you I dislike the commercialisation of so many celebratory times in life! Most of our modern Christian festivals are set at the original time of a pagan celebration. It was the Romans way to try to convert us heathens πŸ˜‚ I’m still a pagan at heart. This is the midwinter feast when people gathered together at the harshest time of year to share resources and stay warm together. I try to make the holiday period all about being around the people we love, sharing simple pleasures together. Most of the family and friends end up with photos as gifts. Special times that we’ve shared during the year πŸ˜€

      • Sarah, my friend, I am exceedingly happy to hear that you are still a Pagan at heart – if I’m anything, I’m a Pagan at heart and everything else! And yes, the Christian festivals just followed the Pagan dates just to make it easier to (try to) stamp Paganism out. Getting involved with people and, especially children, seems a good thing to me >>> and on Christmas Day I’ll be shovelling down lunch with my granddaughters – let’s hope we have a riot!!! A very happy Christmas to you and your husband, and a very good New Year too! A πŸ™‚

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