Protect Your Pets

Protect Your Pets

Protect Your Pets

The Wisley redwings have a very important message for everyone today! Small decorations and their parts can be a choking hazard to pets and young children, as demonstrated by this helpful redwing. Try to place them out of reach and if you have dogs, please don’t hang chocolates on your tree as it’s toxic to them. We don’t place any decorations on the lower part of our tree (including the lights) and we place the tree in a corner, with gifts and other obstacles around it to protect our cats. Tinsel is well known for causing intestinal blockages in pets so it’s best left in that box! Even the pine needles on live trees can cause intestinal problems. If you see your pets chewing branches please try to block off the tree from their reach or do as we do and get a synthetic tree. It’s still very pretty! Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia can all be poisonous to your pets. Mistletoe is also harmful to humans, so please keep it well out of reach of children and make sure you clear up any fallen berries. You can educate your children about the dangers of toxic plants when they’re old enough but I haven’t yet found a way to educate my cats!

Finally the redwings would like me to remind you all to keep feeding the birds!

One comment on “Protect Your Pets

  1. He really does look as though he is about to choke! Good reminders Sarah. My boxer dog used to adore chocolate – she chomped her way through my brother’s selection box once (and I then had to share mine with him) and was always stealing Mars bars! She was never as keen on the doggy chocolate drops! The cats used to climb the tree, but it was the kids who stole the chocolate santas…
    have a great Christmas if I haven’t said so before 🙂

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